Mari Sensei

3rd Grade Japanese Teacher

Mari Igarashi



Hello.  My name is Mari Igarashi. I am a third grade Japanese teacher at Niji-iro Japanese immersion elementary school. This year is my fourth-year teaching Japanese at Niji-iro. I am enjoying every moment of teaching for native and non-native Japanese speakers.

I went to a college in Japan and also graduated from Michigan State University. I earned a Master’s degree in communications.  I am interested in interpersonal and intercultural communications. For my spear time, I enjoy spending time with my two children, cooking and going to concerts with my husband. 

At Niji-iro elementary school, students can learn Japanese and English everyday inside and outside of the classrooms. I know that learning two different languages is very challenging, but I believe they can do it and I want to support every one of them becoming bilingual.