Songs/ Videos

G1 Japanese Greeting Song

G1~ Learn how to say the date in Japanese

G1 Hiragana song

G1~ Hiragana Irregular sound(きゃ~にょ)

G1~ Counters for people

G1~  Left right forward back G1~ Akai tori Kotori (Red bird, white bird, and blue bird)

G2~ Kuku (multiplication table) Song


<Story Songs>

Momotaro song

One of the most popular fairy tail in Japan.

Usagi to Kame (The Rabbit and the Turtle )

G3 Urashima Taro Song

<Youtube Channels>

Ehon Kodansha

Listen and read digital picture books


Yume Aru Channel

A lot of story songs. Learn to sing Japanese a song and read a story at the same time !

Genki Japan Net

Learn Japanese with easy Japanese videos.

Also there are a few videos of Japan & Japanese food !