Useful Links


Links for Parents: 

LearnBoost Online Gradebook

Remind App

Math Aids
Dynamically created math worksheets for home practice.

Jim Breen's WWWJDIC
This site is a wonderful resource for both Japanese and English speaking families.  E-J and J-E dictionaries, kanji lookup, multi radical kanji search (where you can click on various parts that appear in a kanji and find all characters which have those parts, helpful when you aren't sure about radical or stroke count) and text glossing, which allows you to cut and paste large chunks of text and have them translated word by word.  

Links for Kids:

BrainPop Games
Ms. Miller's Favorites: 
Multiplication Blocks
Treefrog Treasure ReFraction Battleship Numberline

Fun to Type
All kinds of typing games, from single letters to words and sentences. 

ABCya: Third Grade
A huge treasury of educational math and English games.  This link goes directly to the grade three page, but feel free to explore other levels to match your student's needs.

Starfall: I'm Reading
Read and listen to simple online story books.  Great for English Language Learners and emerging readers.  

Homework Links:

How It's Made For homework due 10-23